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It's All a Call for Love

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

What is not a call for love?

In its simple essence, everything we do is a subtle or not so subtle call for love. To be seen, heard, felt. At its root, we are seeking to feel loved. I don’t think I could ever come up with a better definition of what or who I believe "God" to be other than love. That warm presence. A soft kitten draped over your shoulder, that quenches every desire for fulfillment. Yes, there are a million and one expressions of love. According to the Yogic path there are eight manifestations of God—God as power, wisdom, sound, light, peace, bliss, calmness and love. So I’ll admit that maybe it’s just to me that God is best expressed and encompassed by his/her/its definition as love. Maybe to others she comes differently. But to me love is the word that defines her best, as if we could say that the primordial soup, the essential broth that makes up the backbone of all of creation is love.

So of course, from this perspective it makes sense that every beginning that resolves into an end has at its heart love. We must all go back to love. Case closed, check in the mail. And yet, it gets more complicated. Specifically in how that call for love is manifested. That call is not always kind. It is by no means of the imagination always beautiful, sweet, or welcoming. Each and every act we do when we reach out to another human being carries with it this cry, this cry to be loved.

For five years I worked with wealthy high performing, highly successful clients in my former job as a tour guide operator for the world’s number one active travel company, and let me tell you—it was not all roses and unicorns. People are freaking crazy. They can be packed full to the brim with wealth and still so unhappy. Major revelation there. We all know this as a concept, that wealth alone can’t bring one happiness, but it was entirely different as an experience, it conditioned my mind in a whole new way. It is the thoughts we habitually think that pattern and condition our happiness, whether we have it or not. Whether we’ve cultivated it our not. That is ever and always our choice no matter where or who we are. Yes, having food and a roof over your head and not worrying about basic human needs is totally essential and is a part of happiness. But beyond a very simple line drawn in the sand of those needs being fulfilled, the ball is then thrown back into our court. Do we choose to be happy or to give into habitual thinking of negativity, of not being grateful for what we have?

To be continued, friends...

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