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Spirit & Nature Dancing Together

Ever wonder what it's like to hangout with other people who care about what you deeply care about--with folks who want to embrace, explore & even nurture their spiritual selves?

How much have you caught yourself feeling lonely, isolated, or disconnected from both yourself and others? Where has your heart needed healing?

Join us for a life-transforming journey. Our "classic" Living with Spirit program is meant to launch you on your inner journey of Self-discovery & mastery. We want to help take you to the next level. Want to develop a daily spiritual practice? Want to be freed from limiting beliefs that are holding you back from real success? Want to get a bit closer to nature, feel more relaxed about your life, confident about your choices? Now is the time!

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Same 'ol program, but somehow each year is better!



Frequently asked questions for a special moment in time


Our participants are young adults generally between the age of 18-30. Yes, we make some exceptions on an individual basis. But the core is always the same: young folks who want to live life more fully, who want a richer and deeper experience of themselves, who want to explore yoga and meditation and what building a community and a culture looks, feels, smells and tastes like.


We hope to be at our very own Living with Spirit campus on the new land of Ananda Assisi, a twenty minute walk from the agricultural and community center of Terre di Luce. If this is not possible then we will most likely be in Ananda's "gufo" or the land just adjacent to Terre di Luce, in the shade of the big oaks, with easy access to the water line we built last year and very close & connected to the bustling Ananda community.


No way, Jose! No prior experience is necessary, just a desire to dive in head first; to immerse yourself in the Living with Spirit culture of service, deep learning & listening, inner & outer growth, adventure, and enjoying a simpler life, more connected to nature. We've had many participants come not knowing at all what they were getting themselves into. This is usually how it is, in fact. It can't hurt to have ever done yoga before or taken even one meditation class, but it is by no means a prerequisite or required!


Uh, that's partially true! We do love our fair share of fresh fruit and veggies as we support each other in eating a lacy-vegetarian diet. No McDonald stops for us! We eat eggs and honey, cheese and milk, but not any kind of meat. And if you're vegan or gluten-free we can hook you up there, too.


We like to think of the cost as a form of self-investment. What richness can you give yourself by investing in your own heart body, mind & heart? At this point, we're looking at a €399 early bird price, and €449 if you sign up after July 23rd for our ten day program. Otherwise, for 7 days, €349 or €399, depending when you register. This price includes room, board & all classes & outings from Friday evening August 13th through Sunday lunch, August 22nd. Prepare for ten days of bliss & nourishing inner work.


Well, yes, let's just say it: Living with Spirit is a very high-energy, purposefully busy program. We are going from practically sunrise to midnight, from 6am to (if you're not careful or disciplined!) 11pm. But it's the kind of lifestyle we want to promote: living life to its fullest. Not missing a moment. Getting good rest and taking care of ourselves is important, and we try to do this along the way as well. But it can be helpful to not think of this camp as some sort of relaxed, "sleep in, do nothing" summer camp. You'll be a very busy, blissful bunny!

Living with Spirit
Aug 13, 2021, 5:00 PM GMT+2 – Aug 22, 2021, 5:00 PM GMT+2
Ananda Assisi,
Via Montecchio, 61, 06025 Nocera Umbra PG, Italy