A Mighty Mission

Spirit Kin creates community & inspires a lifestyle based on interpersonal growth, play, adventure, re-wilding, service & at its heart, spiritual practice. Spirit Kin connects & empowers its members to explore and express their highest selves and spirituality in general.

Spirit Kin's seeks to build a global community of youth serving youth: supporting each other in our spiritual search no matter where we find ourselves. We do this by hosting both online and on-site programs and retreats, ranging from a half day, a long weekend, ten days or two weeks. We offer online classes & webinars, as well as freely share our blog, Zines, This Yogic Life podcast, recorded music & other inspiration to uplift body, mind & soul.

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These practices make us who we are

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Satsang, tribe, kin--call it what you want we all know we wouldn't be human without it. It's our fundamental glue: that real, authentic connection to others. It's exactly what we are seeking. Quit the partying and find the real party. It's not where the booze are at, but where there's depth and sincerity.


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If you want a lasting medium through which to transform your consciousness, spiritual practice or sadhana is going to be your ticket. Daily yoga & meditation brings us all more calmness, peace, poise and even bliss. It's our bread and butter, central to all that we do at Spirit Kin.

Spiritual Practice

Young adults at Play Youth Summer Camp Spirit Kin

Growth and nature: put the two together and what do you get? A world of fun is born in the form of outdoor adventure. How do we literally step outside of our comfort zones? Creativity and innovation are born when you allow the mind to expand outside of its habitual bounds through play. So, we play. That's right, just like a kid.

Play & Adventure

Lavender Harvest with Young adults

It's often only in serving others that we find true joy. Centering someone else's reality gets you out of your head. So why not get your hands dirty? We've washed dishes, planted flowers, harvested lavender, swept porches, built pizza ovens and earthen stairways. A trick to finding happiness? Do something nice for someone else.


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Nature gives us something no other "thing" can. Spending time outside--amongst the trees, rivers, birds, mountains, sea and stones--returns us to ourselves, to our natural state of being. Free and care-free. Like a meditation that happens all around you, effortlessly. We all need this medicine, and yet some of us find ourselves so far removed from its source. It's time to return. To feed our souls once again.


Interpersonal growth amongst young adults Summer Youth Program Spirit Kin

How can we move forward in life without growth? How can we expect different results if we never try something new, if we don't heal what's been hurting? Spirit Kin utilizes group process and deep inner work to catalyze permanent, positive change. It's time to show up. For yourself.

Interpersonal Growth

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An ongoing evolution

Spirit Kin was founded by Rachel Andersen in 2020. It began over ten years ago as a youth summer program called Living with Spirit that then grew to embrace a larger vision of creating a global community, culture & lifestyle.

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Her name is Ra...

Rachel is a high-energy, visionary and magnetic leader and teacher with extensive experience in creating conscious community, developing dynamic content to serve the spiritual needs of young adults, and serving as a creative manifestor of all kinds. She envisioned and founded Ananda’s Living with Spirit summer program that has run continuously since 2008, in both America and Europe. She was the Assistant Program Director at the educational nonprofit Polestar on the Big Island of Hawaii where she also co-led their youth program, Adventures in Spirit for three years.

Rachel worked for five years as a tour guide for the world's leading active travel company in which she toured Italy and the US and learned how to better serve a diverse clientele. In this eye-opening job she saw how wealth alone does not bring one happiness, and that her personal mission was to help open people's eyes: to educate them, free them, from their own self-limiting mental & emotional constructions to live more fully and joyfully.

Rachel lives in the spiritual community of Ananda just outside of Assisi, Italy and spends her free time adventuring in nature, cycling, hiking, climbing, doing yoga; singing and playing music. She loves working with passionate, inspired people from all walks of life.